Exclusive: The UFC have revealed to MMA Kanvas that the promotion plans on having up to three events in Australia next year, with a title fight also a real possibility. Details here. 

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UFC middleweight Luke Rockhold will headline the UFC's return to Sydney in November. He believes he'll dominate his opponent Michael Bisping and finish him in a single round. Watch our full interview here

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The viral video everyone is talking about: UFC middleweight Luke Rockhold and Michael Bisping get very heated at a Sydney press event. Watch the banter here. 

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"If I knew what I knew now at 21, it would be so much easier," Soa 'The Hulk' Palelei reveals to MMA Kanvas the secret behind his recent success. Interview here. 

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Need to get in shape without training like a pro fighter? Check out our training tips for every average Joe here.

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Should the ban on caged-MMA in Victoria be lifted?
Former UFC fighter lodges 'Knockout of the Year' contender - MUST WATCH


Former UFC fighter lodges 'Knockout of the Year' contender

19th October, 2014 | 
by Justin Faux
Former UFC and WEC bantamweight competitor Damacio Page has lodged a 'Knockout of the Year' contender in his flyweight bout against Brian Hall over the weekend.

UFC 179 Aldo vs. Mendes II