UFC Sydney goes down as the greatest top-to-bottom fight card in history. Watch our backstage pass right here. 

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UFC Sydney is fast approaching, check out the full fight card, match-ups, exclusive interviews and latest news here. 

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"(There is) no greater insult to me than this. I give my heart, soul and life to this sport... then I get compared to street scum engaged in illegal violence which I detest." Aussie UFC fighters respond to Victoria's top cop about the Government's stance on MMA. Full story here. 

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We chatted to a bunch of fit-freaks at the Sydney Fit Expo recently. Check out our interviews with 'Commando' Steve, Aussie Miss Universe and a heap of muscle-bound power-lifters to boot. Watch here. 

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The viral video everyone is talking about: UFC middleweight Luke Rockhold and Michael Bisping get very heated at a Sydney press event. Watch the banter here. 

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Will Mark Hunt fight his way back to a UFC title fight?
Frankie has 'The Answer': Edgar's fighter profile here - FIGHTER


Frankie has 'The Answer': Edgar's fighter profile here

21st November, 2014 | 
by Adam Ireland
A former UFC lightweight champion who has proven to be among the most resilient in the entire sport. Frankie Edgar fighter profile here.