How to: bear crawl like Rashad Evans

By on January 23, 2013
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How to: bear crawl like Rashad Evans - MEN'S HEALTH

Image courtesy of MMAXFIT

This article is courtesy of the fitness freaks at MMAXFIT – because if you’re an MMA fan, you should train like one. 

Have you ever seen Rashad Evans or Jon Jones enter the cage? They sleek their way in - legs bent, chest to the ground with their hands on the deck. At any moment, they appear capable of exploding in any direction to mount an attack, or avoid danger. 

Well, it turns out that you don’t need to be an elite MMA athlete to develop the fantastic speed and dynamic core strength demonstrated by guys like Rashad. Simply incorporate this MMA inspired workout into your current training regime to develop the speed and stamina of a professional fighter. 

From an MMA standpoint, bear crawls are utilised by professional fighters during training because they are a great exercise to develop body awareness, which is extremely important in competition. This exercise is designed to increase dynamic strength and stabilisation in your shoulders and is an excellent full body conditioning exercise regularly used in the warm up phase of a MMAXFIT workout. 

Bear crawls develop muscle tone in the shoulders, hamstrings and glutes, while also improving core strength.  

How to bear crawl:

  1. Begin on your hands and knees and then push up on to your feet whilst activating your core (similar to a bridge, commonly used when training abs). You’ll feel if your core is engaged, so have a few cracks at it to get your technique right before moving on to step two.

  2. Push off your right foot and bring it towards your right shoulder. At the same time, lift your opposite hand and drive it forward.

  3. Repeat this movement with the opposite hand and foot to create a bear-like crawl. As you begin to tire you’ll feel your core and possibly your glutes begin to fail. Focus on good form; you’ll get far more long term results by doing it properly than you will going harder/longer and looking like an injured chimp in the process. 




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