Awkward video: Pat Barry's opponent Soa Palelei makes unwelcome visit during interview

By on December 05, 2013
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"There he is right there as a matter of fact, he just walked in. I don’t know why he’s in here right now – uh uh – back up!"Tweet This Quote

It's common knowledge in MMA circles that pretty much anything can happen during an interview with UFC heavyweight Pat "HD" Barry. We just didn't expect the awkward moment that took place during our chat with him today. 

For obvious reasons, opposing fighters are often kept well apart during fight week. Tensions run high and it would be a PR nightmare should something happen before their scheduled meeting inside the Octagon. 

While MMA Kanvas reporter Adam Ireland was busy interviewing Pat Barry today, the American's UFC Brisbane opponent Soa "The Hulk" Palelei made an unscheduled visit to the media room. Needless to say, it took Barry by surprise.

"There he is right there as a matter of fact, he just walked in. I don’t know why he’s in here right now – uh uh – back up!" Barry exclaimed.

The charismatic striker took it all in his stride though, going on to detail the skill set of his opponent, while highlight an area that he feels he holds a distinct advantage.

“He’s an all round guy, he’s a big guy, he’s a knockout artists, he’s a submission artists, he’s a wrestler, he’s a jiu jitsu guy, he’s stronger than everybody," Barry said.

"I’m going to give myself the advantage in the stand-up department regardless of anybody I come across, it doesn’t matter if I come across another kickboxer, I feel like I have the advantage all the time when it comes to punching and kicking," he continued.

Known as "The Hulk", Palelei fights out of Perth, Australia and so you could be forgiven for predicting that his American opponent will be at the mercy of the Aussie crowd at Brisbane's Entertainment Centre on Saturday - Barry however, is expecting some solid support from his fans Down Under. 

“If I walk out when they announce my name and people start booing I will be highly surprised," he said. 

“I think I’ve got a pretty good following down here, I’ve kept in touch with a lot of people… if anyone says they hate Pat Barry, they’re lying, and you can tell them I said so," he continued.

The combination of small gloves used in MMA and the sheer power held by some of the sport's biggest men combine to produce a high propensity of KO finishes in the UFC's heaviest division. Barry is of the opinion that his clash with Palelei won't last long. 

“This fights not going out of round one, fact, stamp it. Not even five minutes. We’re throwing three punches and if we’re both still standing, we’ll just mutually agree to walk off.”

Stay tuned to MMA Kanvas on Saturday for the best pre and post fight coverage of UFC Brisbane, kicking off from 9am AEST.