Richie Vas takes win at Sydney's Combat 8 via - more results

By on April 24, 2013
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Richie Vas takes win at Sydney's Combat 8 via - more results  - NEWS

Notable Aussie MMA fighter Richie Vas will line up in Combat 8's main event

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Live Blog

 What's up fight fans? Justin Faux here for some Australian fight action streamed live on the epicentre website featuring a loaded fight card from Sydney's Luna Park with three title fights and local favourites up and down the bill. 

Combat 8 is contested under modified rules with 3x3 minute rounds (5x3 minutes for championship fights) with only 30 seconds of ground fighting permitted per round. 

Felise Leniu vs Brandon Sosoli

Round 1:

Big boys in the cage to open the night's proceedings, Leniu firing his jab on the outside, Sosili shooting for a takedown and pushing him against the fence, Leniu showing decent takedown defense, tagging Sosoli with some hard shots before Sosoli gets the fight to the floor and peppering with ground shots. We return to a standing position after the 30 seconds permitted time, Sosoli missing a spinning back fist, Sosoli pushing him back against the fence again, looking for a kimura in the standing position. Leniu firing leather but Sosoli closes the distance again and forcing the fight against the fence. Each fighters separate and each throw leather but nothing lands, 10-9 Sosoli.

Round 2:

Back again, Leniu is on the outside throwing big shots, spinning-back-fist from Sosoli, each fighters battle for positiion against the cage but nobody secures a takedown. Leniu floors his adversary with a trio of punches and goes to the floor and unloads a string of punches before the fight comes to a close.

Felise Leniu def. Brandon Sosoli by TKO (Punches) at 1:51 of round 2


Kian Pham vs Ben Nguyen

Round 1:

Both fighters touch gloves, Pham hits with a body punch. Nguyen tags Pham with a hard shot that stumbles him backwards and he continues to throw with Pham answering with some nice shots of his own. Pressed against the cage both are battling for position with nobody getting it to the floor before the fight is reset. Pham gets tagged moving forward, the flyweights throw with such speed and Nguyen is beating him to the punch for most of this round. Pham pushes Nguyen against the fence again, both battling for posititon with Pham pulling guard, looking for a submission on the floor, giving up the arm qucikly before looking for a heel hook but Nguyen escapes. The American backs him up with punches, Pham circling out of danger as the round closes, 10-9 Nguyen.

Round 2:

Round two is underway, Nguyen takes the center of the cage quickly, Pham circles out of the way and grabs a torso looking to get the fight down but Nguyen backs him up against the cube fence but the fight is reset. Pham jabs, grabs a single leg and gets the fight to the floor, Nguyen scrambles to his feet but Pham once again gets the it down. Pham, the submission artist rains down a few punches and looks for a leg but the time runs out. Standing again, Nguyen throws some nice shots, Pham quick on his feet and circling out of danger. Nguyen has Pham backed up, landing some hard shots with the takedown but there is no time to play on the floor, fight goes to the feet. Nguyen is unloading with punches, Pham not defending himself and the fight is called off.

Ben Nguyen def Kian Pham by TKO (Punches) at 2:48 of round 2

First female fight in Combat 8 history about to take over the squared cage now, purchase the event and get involved from the epicentre website


Eilleen Forrest vs Jessy Rose

Round 1:

 Rose goes straight for the takedown, closed the distance and pushing Forrest against the fence. Rose changes levels but Forrest is hitting her with some clean punches. Battling for position against the fence, Forrest having success with her body punches. Rose eats a big shot as he moves forward, Forrest has a nice reach edge. Rose shoots for the takedown again but it's stuffed from Forrest who has Rose against the fence. Rose turns the tables of the muay thai champ and gets the takedown. Forrest has hold of a neck, really staling the action, smart move from the striker. Rose tries another takedown, backing up Forrest again before the round concludes, 10-9 Rose.

Round 2:

 Rose eats a few shots from Forrest who has found her range a lot better here, Rose closes the distance however and drabs her to the floor. In side control, Rose looks for a submission from the north-south position and hits a few hard shots to the torso before they are reset due to the 30 second time limit. Rose tags the thai fighter now but Forresthas a longer reach and is connecting with the better punches in the fire fight. both girls fight for position against the fence, Forrest again hitting with some nasty body punches. Forrest with a full-body attack but Rose is gutsy, constantly moving forward, trying for a late takedown but they finish against the fence, 10-9 Forrest.

Round 3:

Forrest, the Queenslander showing some good takedown defence, Rose backing her against the fence and peppering with body punches. Rose hits with a trip to the floor but alows the striker to get back up. Rose throws with some power, shots snapping back the head of Forrest and pushing her against the fence. Forrest is backed up against the fence again, hitting Rose with some body shots again. Forrest connects with two hard punches as Rose goes back to her grappling edge, as they battle for position against the fence. Rose has a leg, Forrest is landing some hard shots to the body before Rose pulls guard and quickly sweeps to take top position as the fight concludes, 10-9 Rose (29-28 Rose)

Jessy Rose def. Eileen Forrest by unanimous decision

First fight to go to the cards, some fun action from Combat 8 especially for those of you who love a good slugfest and vicious knockouts. Get a part of the action already! Order it on the Epicentre website


Robert Lisita vs Hugh Cameron

Round 1:

Lisita takes the center of the cage from the beginning, Lisita pushing Cameron against the fence and hitting with some nice body shots. Cameron tags Lisita who ducks in and out, Lisita takes some hard shots before he backs up Cameron who gets great traction with his punches, knockout potential here. Battling for position, both are connecting with some shots to the body. Lisita tags Cameron with a hard shot that staggers him, Lisita is on top and unloading with some hard punches. Lisita is relentless with his ground-and-pound but Cameron is saved by the stand-up. Cameron gets tagged moving forward, clinching with Lisita before Cameron hits with a nice uppercut as the round concludes, 10-9 Lisita.

Round 2:

Cameron tags Lisita with some hard shots, Lisita moves forward and closes the distance. Battling for the takedowns against the fence before they separate, Cameron barely evading a big punch on the exit. Cameron tags Lisita with a power punch, Lisita being an effective counter puncher. They clinch, on the break Cameron gets hit with a big punch. Lisita tries for another takedown, both men are bloodied as they grapple against the fence, Lisita circling out of danger and hitting Cameron with a power punch, 10-9 Lisita.

Round 3:

 Lisita barely evades a trio of punches, Cameron moving forward with his punches and Lisita is finding holes in his defence. Battling against the fence, the fight gets a timeout to look at a cut on the forehead of Lisita, it's a nice sized cut but I don't expect it to finish this fight. We continue Lisita tags Cameron moving forward who hits the floor momentarily. Lisita gets backed up against the fence, they separate and Cameron tags Lisita with three nice punches, they are doing some real damage. Cameron puts the late pressure on, throwing a lot of punches but not connecting. Lisita closes the distance and pushes him against the fence momentarily. Lisita moves forward and gets tagged, Cameron with a nice uppercut, Lisita attempting a late guillotine-choke against the fence, 10-9 Lisita (30-27 Lisita)

Robert Lisita def. Hugh Cameron by unanimous decision

TUF Smashes competitor Ben Wall continues to trek back to the big-show, giant test in UFC vet Bernardo Magalhaes. Join us on the stream here.

Ben Wall vs Bernardo Magalhaes

Round 1:

 Wall moves forward with his jab, eats a hook from the UFC vet. Magalhaes hits with a body punch,Wall trading punches with "Trekko". Wall moving forward with his punches, a nice jab from the TUF veteran and Magalhaes is great at using his length. Wall pushes Magalhaes against the fence, peppering punches from both. Wall has the control against the fence, Magalhaes with some good body punches. The Brazilian closing the distance and landing some nice punches to Wall who looks for a takedown but the round concludes before he can get it down, 10-9 Wall.

Round 2:

 Magalhaes with his shots to the body, each trade shots in close before Magalhaes backs up, Wall moving forward with the jab and pushing "Trekko" against the fence, really pushing with a single-leg to get it down but Magalhaes escapes. The Aussie MMA pioneer circles and picks his shots, Wall answering with a left-hook before clinching him against the fence again. They separate, Wall gets hit moving forward, Magalhaes using good footwork but Wall bringing the fight right to him, pushing Magalhaes against the fence before the round concludes, 10-9 Wall.

Round 3:

Wall is continuing to be the aggressor which is probably winning him this fight, cutting the cage off and hitting Magalhaes before pushing him against the fence. "Manimal" gets hit with a body punch, pressuring Magalhaes with his jab. "Trekko" is circling around and hitting with a nice body punch, Wall backing him up against the cage again. Battling for position against the fence, Wall is looking to change levels and get it down but the clock is his enemy as the round finishes, 10-10 (30-28 Wall)

 Ben Wall def. Bernardo Magalhaes by split decision

Interesting match up next, Australian boxing champ Junior Talipeau meeting 28 fight MMA veteran Jon Levens.


Jon Leven vs Junior Talipeau

Round 1:

MMA vs. Boxing, let's get it on. Talipeau circles, Levens closing with his jab, the boxer evading any damage. Talipeau with lightning-fast hands, rib roasting on Leven. Talipeau is avoiding any damage and circling away, really taking his time and feeling out his opponent. Leven moves forward and hits with a jab  but eats an uppercut. The boxer has such an advantage in a striking match, Talipeau moving forard with a three punch combo. Leven attempts a takedown, it's stuffed before he tries again, having the boxer pressed against the fence, both men battle for position before the round concludes, 10-9 Talipeau.

Round 2:

Talipeau gets hit with a nice shot, the boxer answers with a hard shot, Leven shoots for a takedown and Talipeau shows good takedown defence, sprawling and keeping the fight standing. Talipeau gets hit with another nice shot, Leven really is an underrated striker. Talipeau steps in with a body punch, a lot of power behind them shots. The boxer gets in close and tags Leven, followed up with a hook to the body. Talipeau with hooks to the body again, backing up Leven with punches and flooring him, it seemed the fight was over but the referee gave him a count to get up from? Talipeau bringing it on strong late, body-head combos as Leven barely survived that round, 10-8 Talipeau.

Round 3:

Fighters hug as the final round begins, Talipeau firing a triple jab, Leven answering with a hard shot. Moving forward, Leven gets hit with a nice punch that snaps his head back, Talipeau connecting with hard punches. Talipeau backs him up with punches, the fight is paused, it appears there was an eye poke. They return to the fight, Leven attempting a takedown, Talipeau stuffs it and nails an uppercut. The boxer is backing up Leven with punches, pinpoint accuracy. Backed against the fence, Talipeau throws a series of hard punches to the torso but Leven is still in it, a real ballsy performance. Talipeau again ripping to the body and this time it's all over. 

 Junior Talipeau def. Jon Leven by TKO (punches) at 3:23 of round 3

 Former Sydney Rooster Tai Tuivasa meeting K-1 legend Peter Graham, can't see this one reaching the score cards.


Peter Graham vs Tai Tuivasa

Round 1:

 Ruckus crowd in support for Tuivasa, Graham throwing short punches, Tuivasa throwing a huge hook which Graham evades. Battling for position against the fence, Tuivasa tagging Graham as they exit. The former Rooster lands some real hard shots on Graham, the K-1 star initiates the clinch, pushing Graham against the fence and hitting with body punches. "Bam Bam" Tuivasa barey misses with a huge shot on the break, Graham clinches again but doesn't last long. Tuivasa floors the kickboxing legend with a huge punch and throws some big shots on the ground, Graham gets to his feet but he is definitely on wobbly legs. Clinched against the fence again, Graham is getting time to recover here. Graham pushes him off, barely evades another powerhouse shot, Tuivasa throws with some serious thunder, 10-9 Tuivasa.

Round 2:

Graham takes the center, using his jab and creating space. Tuivasa being backed up with the active jab, hits Tuivasa with a nice shot that snaps his back up. Clinching against the fence, Graham ducking a big shot from the bigger man. Tuivasa pushes Graham against the fence now but the referee resets it. Tuivasa to the body, Graham charging forward and hitting Tuivasa, Graham pushing Graham back, Graham turns the tables and lands two big shots on the exit. Graham charges with a flurry of puches, connecting with three that stun Tuivasa. Tuivasa barely misses with another powerhouse punch, Graham charges with two big shots that puts his larger adversary down and out.

Peter Graham def. Tai Tuivasa by TKO (punches) at 2:48 of round 2

Time for the championship fights! Get on the stream fight fans, about to get down to business.


C8 lightweight championship bout: Jai Bradney vs Wes Capper 

Round 1:

Bradney connects with a nice shot, a long feeling out process from each. Capper with a thigh punch, Bradney moving forward with a flurry of punches, backing up Capper and hitting with an uppercut. Bradney rushes forward and gets levelled by a giant shot from the youngster that puts him down for the count and we have a new champion!

Wes Capper def. Jai Bradney by TKO (punches) at 2:58 of round 1

The lightweights delivered with a nasty knockout, hopefully the trend continues with the heavyweights in the squared cage.


C8 heavyweight championship bout: Ben Edwards vs Donnie Lester 

Round 1:

Edwards firing his jab, Lester throwing some nasty punches, backing up Edwards with his uppercuts against the fence. Lester is unloading with all his punches, non-stop attack for a solid 30 seconds but Edwards has survived, can't have a level head yet. Lester with a furious uppercut, again throwing leather as Edwards circles out of trouble. Edwards using his long jab, bakcking up Lester with punches before he backs Edwards up. They separate from the clinch with Edwards nailing a big shot. Edards hits a jab, throws blind punches in bunches, Lester connecting with a big shot of his own. Action is paused while Lester gets his mouth piece, Edwards charges with a flurry, Lester answers and the mouth piece falls out again, that is becoming a problem. Edwards goes in and throws haymakers, Lester is cornered, Edwards throwing the kill shot, a few punches on the mat and it's all over, Edwards wins the vacant heavyweight crown.

Main event time! hometown boy Richie Vas battling Charlie Alaniz for the 135 pound title.

C8 bantamweight championship bout: Richie Vaculik vs Charlie Alaniz

Round 1:

Both men meet in the center, Alaniz moving forward and tagging the hometown favourite. Vaculik gets tagged again, answering with an overhand right. Vaculik gets tagged moving in, lands a body punch followed by a big punch on the youngster. Vaculik with an overhand right again, Alaniz landing short punches in tight. Vaculik with two shots to the torso, Alaniz throwing a huge shot that barely misses. Vaculik slipping and moving, landing some big shots. Vaculik with a long ranging punch, catched the underdog moving forward to seal the round, 10-9 Vaculik.

Round 2:

Vaculik gets hit moving forward, he looks to take a single-leg but a punch from the Melbournian made him reconsider. Vaculik gets tagged by a nice jab as the youngster cirlces, backing up Vaculik. Alaniz with a punch to the thigh, tagging Vaculik coming in again, improved striking prowess from the dark horse. Vaculik leading with his jab, trying to set up his shots but Alaniz is beating him to the punch this round, Vaculik shoots for a takedown but the Melbournian evades it with no issues, 10-9 Alaniz.

Round 3:

Vaculik leading with his jab again, Alaniz windmilling punches towards the TUF veteran. Vaculik gets tagged by Alaniz, the hometown hero answering with a big right-hand. Alaniz gets tagged moving forward, Alaniz hits to the body, Vaculik lands a hard shot and Alaniz answers with one of his own. Vaculik moves out of danger as Alaniz charges, Vaculik tries a takedown against the fence but Vaculik avoids it. In the center Vaculik leading with his jab, showing great boxing basics, Alaniz gets in tight and throws an uppercut but Vaculik gets out of danger. Alaniz gets a single-leg briefly but Vaculik springs back to the feet as the round concludes, 10-9 Vaculik.

Round 4:

Vaculik is tagging with the jab again, Alaniz struggling to get in close and land his shots, experience is obviously a major factor for Vaculik in this contest. Vaculik gets hit with a short punch but answers with a ranging jab, ducking into Alaniz, Vaculik has really found his rhythm here. Alaniz tags Vaculik with a hard shot but the veteran answers with a takedown but they spring back to their feet. Alaniz moves forward and connects with a right-hook, shooting for a late takedown but Vaculik evades it. Aggression has  really taken over this fight for Alaniz, getting in the face of the TUF veteran and not letting up, Vaculik punching to the body as the round concludes, 10-9 Alaniz.

Round 5:

 Vaculik gets backed up from a charging Alaniz, he's giving Vaculik a lot of troubles. Vaculik with a nice right-hook, Alaniz with the body punch. Vaculik is having issue leading with his jab, Alaniz connecting with good shots, just a little more spring in his step right now. Vaculik hits Alaniz coming in, the hometown hero using his range well now, Alaniz ripping to the body. Vaculik gets a takedown, Alaniz gets back to the feet quickly but that could factor big time on the judges cards. Vaculik fighting at range again, Alaniz rips a body puch as the fight concludes, 10-9 Vaculik (48-47 Vaculik)

 Richie Vaculik def. Charlie Alaniz by split decision

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